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What is the difference in the price of LED lights?

In the midsummer season, household electricity consumption soars, and it is easy to break the critical point of the tiered electricity price regulation, which makes many consumers turn their attention to more energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lights. At present, there are many brands of LED lights sold in the market, with a wide range of types and a wide range of applications. However, the price difference between different brands of LED lights is very large, even up to ten times as much. What is the difference between them?

Recognized as the most environmentally friendly LED

At present, domestic household lamps mainly include incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED lamps. Among them, energy-saving lamps are the most purchased by consumers. This is because many families have realized that incandescent lamps consume large amounts of electricity, so they use energy-saving lamps. To replace it. LED lights are still relatively unfamiliar to many ordinary consumers, and they have not yet become popular due to their high prices. According to industry insiders, from the perspective of economy and environmental protection, LED lamps are the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly, followed by energy-saving lamps, while incandescent lamps are the most wasteful of energy.

In Beijing Fangzhuang Carrefour Supermarket, the prices of incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED lamps are quite different. Taking an incandescent lamp with a rated power of 40W as an example, its price is 3 yuan, and one is equivalent to a 40W incandescent lamp. An energy-saving lamp with a brightness and rated power of 8W is priced at 24 yuan, and an LED lamp with a brightness equivalent to a 40W incandescent lamp and a rated power of 5W is priced as high as 49.9 yuan.

Based on this price, it is not difficult to calculate an "economic" account: If you look at the price only, the amount of money spent on buying an LED lamp can be bought for 2 energy-saving lamps or 16 incandescent lamps. Obviously, the cost of using LED lamps is much higher than using energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps. But from the point of view of the power consumption and service life of the bulb, the result is very different. In general, the service life of incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, and LED lamps are approximately 1,000 hours, 6,000 hours, and 20,000 hours, respectively. Calculated in this way, the service life of an LED lamp is equivalent to 20 incandescent lamps or 3 energy-saving lamps. Calculated with 20,000 hours of use and a brightness equivalent to 40W, the power consumption of an incandescent lamp is 800 degrees, an energy-saving lamp is 160 degrees, and an LED lamp is only 100 degrees. Calculated according to the price of 0.48 yuan per kilowatt-hour of electricity, then the electricity bill to be paid for using 20,000 hours of incandescent lamps is 384 yuan, energy-saving lamps is 76.8 yuan, and LED lights are only 48 yuan. In addition to the purchase cost, if an incandescent lamp is used for 20,000 hours, it will cost a total of 432 yuan, an energy-saving lamp will cost 148.8 yuan, and an LED lamp will only cost 97.9 yuan. It can be seen that, from the perspective of long-term use, LED lights are economical and environmentally friendly lighting products.

In addition to homes, the energy-saving and emission-reduction effects of using LED lights in enterprises and institutions or large-scale shopping and entertainment venues are more obvious. A test result of Beijing Wu Mart Group shows that if all of its supermarkets use LED lights for lighting, it can save more than 30 million yuan in electricity bills every year. Calculated on the basis that 0.404 kg of standard coal is required for one kilowatt-hour of electricity, Wumart Supermarket can reduce the use of 12,120 tons of standard coal every year after all LED lights are used; if the carbon emission of one kilowatt-hour of electricity is 0.997 kilograms, it is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by about 30,000 per year. Many tons.

Many brands have huge price disparity

Since the energy-saving effect of LED lights is so good, why hasn't it been popularized? The huge price difference between different brands of LED lights is an important reason that cannot be ignored, which makes it impossible for consumers to start when buying. Not only is the price of LED lamps different from incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, the price of LED lamps of the same power can also differ by several times or even ten times.

In Beijing Shilihe Lighting City, almost every merchant is selling LED lighting products of various brands, and the prices of products of different brands vary significantly. Take an LED spotlight with a rated power of 5W as an example. Its price ranges from 10 yuan to hundreds of yuan.

Among them, most of the products priced between 10 yuan and 40 yuan are produced by some unknown small manufacturers. The price of domestic well-known brand LED spotlights is about 60-70 yuan each. International famous brands such as Philips, Osram, etc. The LED spotlights produced cost more than one hundred yuan each.

When many consumers questioned "why the price difference between LED lights of different brands is so big", some merchants answered: "The quality is different." In order to further illustrate the problem, a salesperson in a store asked a price of 15 yuan A demonstration was conducted with an LED spotlight priced at 30 yuan. After turning on the two lamps at the same time, the salesperson pointed to one of the brighter LED lamps and said: "Look, its light is obviously brighter than the other lamp, indicating that its quality is better than that. The price of the lamp is more than 70 yuan. , The light will definitely be brighter than this 30 yuan."

Later, consulting another shop for the same problem found that its sales staff conducted the same experiment. After powering on, he pointed to a soft-lighted LED lamp and said: "This lamp is expensive, you see its light is very soft, not dazzling, while the light of another cheap LED lamp is too white, too bright and long. Time usage is not good for the eyes.” According to the salesperson, after using the cheap LED lamp for half a year, its light will dim and fail to meet the lighting standards.

According to the survey, the price difference of LED lamps sold in online stores is even greater, and the price of LED lamps sold in some online stores is only 1.8 yuan each, which is lower than the price of an incandescent lamp. After careful inspection, it is found that most of these LED lights are small brands, and the business slogan is "low price and loss, only for sales."

The LED lamps of internationally renowned brands such as Philips and Osram sold on this website have a maximum price of about 80 yuan each, and the price difference between the two is more than 40 times.

Low-priced products have hidden quality problems

The same is the LED lamp, what factors affect its price? In this regard, an industry insider said that the factors affecting the price of LED lamps include chips, packaging, heat dissipation methods, heat dissipation materials, appearance craftsmanship, etc., and the chips alone are divided into several Levels.

The industry insider further explained that an LED lamp usually consists of three parts, namely, lamp beads, housing, and driver. Take an LED spotlight with a rated power of 3W as an example. It is composed of 3 lamp beads, 1 housing, and 1 driver. Based on the production cost of a mid-range product, the cost of the lamp beads is 2 yuan and the housing is 3 yuan. , Drive is 2.8 yuan, labor cost is 1 yuan, packaging cost is 0.5 yuan, and other costs are 1 yuan.

Calculated in this way, the total cost of this lamp is 10.3 yuan. Coupled with the profit that the merchant wants to earn, warehouse rental costs, transportation costs, etc., the price of this lamp must be at least 20 yuan or more. Therefore, the quality of LED lights that cost only 10 yuan or less can be imagined.

According to this industry insider, the reason why some businesses dare to sell very cheap LED lights is because they use inferior materials. Take lamp beads as an example. A low-quality 1W domestic lamp is the lowest selling price in some southern markets. The price is only 0.2 yuan, the gold wire in this lamp bead is replaced with copper wire, and the other materials are mostly inferior products. For these, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish only from the appearance of the lamp. Therefore, he reminded consumers not to buy low-priced LED lights, so as to avoid problems when using them and cause harm to themselves and their families.

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