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LED market differentiation brings wealth

The differentiation of the lighting customization market brings the possibility of wealth

As a decoration material, lighting products are necessary in various indoor and outdoor decoration places, but the main problem facing the current lighting market is the problem of customization. The individual needs of consumers have become increasingly prominent, lighting customization has swept the market, and differentiation has become a product hotspot.

Differentiation strategy must be implemented to the end

In recent years, personalization of lighting has become more and more popular, and customized lighting has become more and more popular. However, the lighting market has a complex brand, and product design innovation is ultimately limited. There are not a few companies that copy the trend, especially small and medium-sized lighting companies with limited funds and strength. It is easy to go on this "wrong way." In fact, in the lighting market with severe homogeneity, breaking the status quo of "identity" is still the main task. This requires a group of participants, including small and medium-sized lighting companies, to implement the differentiation strategy to the end.

Differentiation brings premium possibilities to enterprises

At present, the production overlap of lighting fixtures is too high, product features are covered, and the supply of lamps in the market exceeds demand, which restricts the development of small and medium-sized lighting companies. Therefore, adopting a differentiated strategy is a necessary and primary development strategy for small and medium-sized lighting companies. Differentiation can bring the possibility of a premium for companies, and even in cyclical or seasonal economic depressions, it can also attract a large number of loyal customers.

On the other hand, small and medium-sized lighting companies are relatively small in terms of investment scale and output scale, and their capital and technical composition are generally low. It is an indisputable fact that their competitiveness and anti-risk ability are low. In addition, small and medium lighting companies are unable to implement low-cost strategies, so it is a wise move to adopt a differentiated strategy.

Committed to highlighting the image of products and services

In the process of production and operation, lighting enterprises need to give full play to and use the uniqueness of products and services to make them the main competitive advantage of the enterprise, so as to support the stable development of the enterprise itself. In the operation of lighting companies, many of them have the possibility of differentiation. The development of lighting enterprises still needs to grasp the mainstream direction, establish a prominent image in products and services according to market demand, and adopt a differentiation strategy to break the homogenization situation.

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