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LED glass tube is worthy of respect in the end

The LED glass tube is a newly developed fluorescent tube with a glass tube structure based on the light-emitting design theory of traditional fluorescent lamps. At present, several large companies have entered the field of all-glass tube LED fluorescent lamps, but are they really stable and reliable, and can be confidently promoted? My personal views will be expressed below.

Generally everyone thinks that LED glass tubes have the following advantages:

1. Few parts, simple and easy assembly process.

   The tube material of the LED fluorescent tube is made of glass tube to replace the original "semi-plastic half-aluminum" and "full-plastic-clad aluminum" tube. The "LED light board" and "drive power" can be inserted into the tube at the same time.

  2. It is safe and easy to pass certification.

  Using a non-isolated power supply can absolutely guarantee safe use, and it is easy to pass CE and UL certification.

   3. The cost of pipes is low.

The cost of    transparent glass tube is one-fifth of the cost of a "semi-plastic half-aluminum" tube. Even in order to prevent glare, plus the cost of frosting, spraying or corrosion of the inner wall of the glass tube, the cost of the glass tube is less than one-third of the cost of the "semi-plastic and half-aluminum" tube, which can save a lot of resources.

   4. The glass tube has good performance.

  (1) The light transmittance of glass is higher than that of PC cover, which is more conducive to light output.

  (2) The thermal stability of the glass is excellent, and the glass tube is in contact with the air at 360 degrees, and the heat dissipation is evenly distributed.

  (3) The glass tube will not turn yellow under long-term light, and it is more stain-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and it is more durable.

5. The shape of the glass tube is consistent with that of ordinary fluorescent tubes, which is more in line with people's inspection habits.

Personally, I don't fully agree with the above advantages.

1. "Assembly is not necessarily simple." If the automation equipment and glass material are not too hard and fragile, the loss will be greater. Changing the assembly conditions will increase the manufacturing cost.

2. "Good security" is only for users, not for LEDs. Most of the LED glass tubes are driven by poorly stable drives (because of the pursuit of low cost), or even Many PFs are around 0.6. If they are used in a large amount, a lot of electricity will be wasted in the country, which is contrary to energy saving.

3. "Low cost", this is true, but it is also an indisputable fact that the customer's cost may not be low. At the same time, "fragile" (glass products) is also one of the unsafe factors, especially not used in explosion protection. Demanding occasions.

4. "Glass tube has good performance", this is not necessarily the case. Good thermal stability and uniform distribution are facts, but everyone knows that glass is a poor conductor of heat, and the performance of protecting heat from being dissipated is also very stable, even It is very good, "fragile" becomes the biggest safety hazard, and the non-isolated power supply at this time is also a fatal danger, and its safety is assumed without considering the extreme conditions that may occur.

5. "The shape of the glass tube is the same as that of the ordinary fluorescent tube, which is more in line with people's inspection habits." Lighting products are not to be appreciated as works of art, but more importantly, the lighting itself. This "habit" is a bit far-fetched. On the contrary, the structure of the fluorescent tube is the characteristic reason of its own principle. It is not that this slender and fragile glass fiber reinforced plastic has the artistic beauty of the golden ratio and is popular. In fact, it is because of its high luminous efficiency. According to people's traditional "habits", LEDs are no longer LEDs, and LEDs themselves are different from traditional lighting.

On the whole, LED glass tubes do not have sufficient advantages. On the contrary, there are many very serious hidden dangers. The only advantage is low cost. Is this going to be a low-level development? For LED products, the benevolent sees the benevolent, the wise sees wisdom. As for how to choose, it depends on the individual. The above only represents a little bit of personal opinion, and readers are expected to choose carefully.

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