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SJ Wall Packs and Outdoor Lighting Listed on ETL and DLC

Here Comes The New Innovation of Lighting: SJ Wall Packs and Outdoor Lighting Listed on ETL and DLC From 2007 to 2017, from the start till right this moment, from the first light that we sold, Shengjing has been making progress. Through all these years, we have focused on improving the quality of our products and bringing our clients a better experience of trading, and providing the reliable guarantee. Approved by UL, DLC, CE, CCC, PSE, TUV, RoHS, etc. We never stop creating a better solution of lights. Our dream is to read stars and ocean! And now we have listed on ETL and DLC! Approval from ETL and DLC provides our products additional qualification and at the same time, they can sell smoothly on the market of North America and Canada. The products are as follows: wall pack SJ-FCBD, SJ-SCBD, and SJ-HWD; dusk to dawn LED barn light, SJ-AQD; LED canopy, SJ-GPD; LED vapor tight jelly jar, SJ-ZQD.

All of the lights above have been hot popular on the market of America and Canada. And they’ll perform even better, starting right from now! It is said that one who didn’t buy yesterday has now been regret! Your lights, our dreams! Lights can be where amazing happens. God says, let there be light, and there is light! Then here comes SJ. We never stop moving forward, cause if we rest, we’ve lost! So do our products.

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